HPS attorney Ken Miller speaks with law students about ethics, professionalism

A volunteer member of the Professionalism Committee of the Broward County Bar Association, HPS Partner Kenneth J. Miller recently joined a panel of attorneys for a series of talks at Nova Southeastern’s Law School.

The sessions, for first-year law students enrolled in a Lawyering Skills & Values class, were aimed at immersing the students in hypothetical but believable ethical challenges reflecting what they may encounter during their careers.

Miller’s assigned story was about a first-year lawyer assigned to cover a motion the next morning in another county. During his research he finds case law indicating he will not win the hearing, but he hesitates to call his firm’s managing partner at home because the partner is out at his 25th anniversary dinner with his wife.

“The issues concerned what his duty was to the court and to his client,” Miller said. “In law school, things tend to seem very simple, but as we explored the issues, the students began to see that once they get into the real world they have to be prepared for some tough situations so they can make the right decisions. We shared real-life stories and answered questions about how to handle these situations in the most ethical and professional manner.”

“In the end,” Miller said, “there is only one way an attorney can and should proceed – ethically and professionally. That’s how we do it at Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm, and that’s what I wanted to get across.” Miller and the other HPS partners have all earned Martindale-Hubbell’s highest “AV” rating for their legal ethics and professionalism.