Richard B. Schwamm Accepting Invitations to Lecture

Richard B. Schwamm frequently accepts invitations to lecture throughout Florida and the U.S. about numerous medical and legal issues. He has been an invited guest speaker for nationally recognized organizations and education institutions, including Harvard University, University of Central Florida, Medical Intelligence Corporation, and the Contemporary Forum Speaker Series. Some of his lectures and speaking engagements over the past six (6) years include:

  • Litigation Strategies – Timing of Fetal Brain Injury – Medical Intelligence Corp.,  Orlando, Florida.
  • The Electronic Courtroom – Helping the Jury Understand Complex Medical Cases – Medical Intelligence Corp.,  Orlando, Florida.
  • Trends in Perinatal Litigation – Contemporary Forums, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • The Digital Courtroom – Helping the Jury Understand the Complex Obstetrical Malpractice Case – Contemporary Forums, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Adverse Fetal Outcomes – Would You Settle or Defend? – Contemporary Forums, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Jury Education in the Brain-Damaged Baby Case – Contemporary Forums, Atlanta, Georgia
  • The L&D Nurse and the OB/GYN – Friend or Foe? – Contemporary Forums, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Hot Topics in OB Litigation – Contemporary Forums, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  • Hot Topics in OB/GYN Office Practice Litigation – Contemporary Forums, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Lessons from a Lawsuit – Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Care Medical-Legal Issues – Contemporary Forums, San Diego, California.
  • What You Should Do If You Are a Defendant in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Contemporary Forums, San Diego, California.
  • Finger-Pointing In a Medical Malpractice Case – Contemporary Forums., Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Hot Topics in Neonatal Litigation – Contemporary Forums,  Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  • Litigation Strategies and the Use of the Digital Courtroom – Contemporary Forums, Washington, D.C.
  • Mock Trial – Obstetrical Malpractice Case – Contemporary Forums, Washington, D.C.