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Professional Liability

Our litigators have handled complex professional liability litigation matters, including legal malpractice cases. Many of these legal malpractice cases have involved claims of breach of duty, violation of confidentiality provisions, conflict of interest, fraud , misrepresentation and others.

These cases often arise out of complex commercial transactions, securities matters and other business dealings which necessitates our team to fully investigate the underlying litigation and having reliable experts in various disciplines to assist in the litigation.

Attorneys are supposed to be trusted experts when it comes to the law. When cases end unsuccessfully, they might find themselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

  • Unethical practices –Professionals must follow the rules and regulations set forth by their local bar associations and other governing bodies. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action.
  • Negligence – Attorneys should prepare documents and research well in advance of appearing in court. Unpreparedness can result in a mistrial or lost case. They should also consult their clients before making any decisions on their behalf.
  • Presenting options – As trusted experts, clients look to their attorneys for advice. All possible scenarios and outcomes should be presented before proceeding.
  • Promised outcomes – No outcome should be guaranteed.
  • Presenting false realities – Dishonorable practices to secure a client can result in professional liability.