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When a loved one is seriously injured or dies, it’s important to have a strong team on your side – a team with the commitment, experience and knowledge to get the right result. Our firm is ranked as one of the best medical malpractice and personal injury firms in both the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando regions. The attorneys at HPS understand the devastating impact of preventable injuries on children, adults and their families. That’s why CLIENT ADVOCACY is one of our strongest core values. Not only are we aggressive litigators, we are compassionate legal counselors who provide guidance, clear communication and peace of mind to grieving families, throughout the process.

To schedule a free and confidential legal consultation contact us at 1-800-693-4465 or fill out one of our Contact Forms.

Some of our recent successes for clients are noted below, or check out some of our reviews on Google

  • Received a $6.2 MILLION wrongful death settlement on behalf of a Florida family. The wife and mother of three died when she did not receive the appropriate testing and examination in the hospital’s ER and ICU. Our hope is that this result will provide some assistance in the coming years for the surviving family members left behind.
  • Secured a $2.5 MILLION wrongful death settlement on behalf of the widower of the victim, who entered the hospital for a minor procedure and tragically died less than 24 hours after their surgery. After conducting extensive research, the HPS team found the cause of death was due to a remarkable level of disregard by medical staff to monitor the victim sufficiently post-op and due to the failure of the staff to also properly administer the required breakthrough pain medications. We hope this settlement will help our client deal with some of the grief from this unimaginable loss of their spouse.
  • Obtained a $1 MILLION obstetrical medical malpractice settlement on behalf of our client, a young woman who was unnecessarily sterilized because the hospital and physicians failed to properly treat her pregnancy complications. Our client now suffers from the physical and psychological trauma of not being able to bear future children.
  • Received a $1 MILLION wrongful death settlement for family members after the head of the household went to work, entered a building with an unknown hazard on the second floor and then, fell two stories to their death. This settlement will help the family deal with the lost income and grief from this loss.  
  • Obtained a $1.85 MILLION wrongful death settlement on behalf of our client. When HPS was approached by our client, the surviving spouse, we learned that the original PI firm had decided not to pursue the matter because they felt there was no case. However, when HPS stepped in and took over, we uncovered the fact that the mistake was made when the cardiac nurse sent patient home after a cardiac rehabilitation session during which the patient had experienced significant symptoms that should have led to an immediate ER admission. Patient collapsed and died within minutes of leaving the hospital. 
  • Secured a $9.5 MILLION medical malpractice settlement against physicians and a hospital on behalf of the parents of an infant, who suffered severe neurological injuries due to the failure to timely diagnose and treat the infant’s brain hemorrhage. The lack of careful monitoring and the long delay in required treatment led to irreversible brain damage. This settlement will substantially improve the quality of the infant’s life and provide life-long care and assistance. 
  • Won a $6.46 MILLION verdict on behalf of our client in the largest wrongful death medical malpractice jury verdict ever reported in Volusia County, Florida history.
  • Obtained in excess of $8.2 MILLION in a wrongful death settlement for our clients, the family members tragically left behind when the victim died due to improper technique during cardiac surgery.
  • A CONFIDENTIAL medical malpractice settlement for our client who experienced early signs of a stroke, went to the emergency room but was sent home without a correct diagnosis. Hours later, when his symptoms continued, he went to another emergency room, where his stroke was properly diagnosed, but it was too late to provide helpful treatment. Our client now suffers from permanent injuries.
  • Obtained a $1.5 MILLION wrongful death settlement on behalf of the surviving spouse of the decedent. Despite exhibiting significant cardiac issues, the decedent was prematurely released by ER staff and died of cardiac arrest at home, just a few hours later.
  • Securing a significant, CONFIDENTIAL wrongful death settlement for the parents of a baby who died just a few hours after he was misdiagnosed by emergency room personnel, then prematurely discharged from the hospital and sent home.
  • Obtained a $2 MILLION medical malpractice injury settlement for our elderly retired Physician client, when the healthcare providers delayed the diagnosis of a spinal abscess.
  • Secured a $2.25 MILLION personal injury settlement on behalf of our client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident, which in addition to dealing with acute pain and suffering, impacted their ability to return to the workforce in the manner they were accustomed.
  • Received a $400,000 personal injury settlement for our client, when their physician failed to suggest the Shingles vaccine, even though our client was in the recommended age bracket per CDC guidelines. The client contracted Shingles and due to the resulting complications, lost their hearing in one ear and still is suffering from partial facial paralysis.
  • Obtained a $1.3 MILLION medical malpractice settlement for our client, who did not receive appropriate preventative care – she experienced a delay in diagnosis of her breast cancer. This led to unnecessary and aggressive surgical and medical treatment.
  • Secured a $5.5 MILLION medical malpractice settlement, which will help our young special education teacher client and their son with future medical needs and assistance at home. “Thank you does not adequately express what a difference you have made in my life and for my family. God bless you and the entire firm for your hard work and support.” 


Here’s what our clients have to say below or check out some of our reviews on Google

Wrongful Death due to a Fatal Car Crash

“When my 22-year-old daughter unexpectedly died in a horrible car accident, I wanted answers and I wanted justice. Richard Schwamm and his firm gave me both. He quickly identified the mistakes made, he reached out to the at-fault party to try to seek an early resolution and then used his experience, advocacy and communication skills to aggressively represent us. He resolved our complicated case within just 6 months. My family and I are grateful for his counsel, empathy, and steadfast approach to seeking justice for our daughter and our family. HPS was respectful and careful to honor our daughter’s life. Instead of overwhelming our family with legal complications, they took a straightforward but aggressive path to hold those responsible for her death.”

Melbourne, FL


Wrongful Death of a Child Following Failure to Provide Adequate Care

“We had to admit my 14 year old son to an extended care facility because of serious impairments which he was born with. We looked long and hard for just the right place. Unfortunately, as a result of the facility’s negligence, as well as the negligence of the physician that they assigned to my son, he died just three days after admission. We were devastated. James Haliczer and his team understood our pain, took our case and obtained for us a very substantial settlement. We thought that he and his team were consummate professionals and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result.”

Boca Raton, FL


Personal Injury Due to Negligence

“My wife received a life-altering injury due to another’s negligence. An insurance professional we know recommended Trisha Widowfield and said that she was the best person in town to consult with to explore our options.We met with Trisha, initially to pursue what we thought was our best option. However, through the expert legal counsel and competence of Trisha and the firm, they came up with a winning strategy that we all agreed upon. We were kept informed at each step in the process and the result was a settlement that was fair and exceeded our expectations, without the need to file a lawsuit with the expense and delays inherent in a lawsuit. We recommend Trisha, Jim Haliczer, and the entire HPS team, unconditionally and without reservation, should you find yourself in need of legal counsel.”



Wrongful Death Following Routine Plastic Surgery

“After my wife died tragically, following routine plastic surgery, Richard Schwamm and his team worked exhaustively to hold the doctors and others accountable.  He worked tirelessly on our case, even though he lived in a different part of the state and travelled often to get the necessary work done to seek justice. Richard was very caring and supportive of my two young boys who were deposed and had to testify. He diligently prepared the boys, and also my friends, for their depositions and testimony, significantly reducing their anxiety. He went to trial, where we spent long hours together, sharing strategies, stories and tears.  In the end, we received justice in the courtroom.  I am forever grateful to Richard for his time and efforts. I recommend his firm, without reservation.”

Pensacola Beach, FL


Catastrophic Injury Following Routine Surgery

“After a routine surgery, my life changed forever when the doctor failed to properly treat a simple post-operative infection that turned into a nightmare.  I almost died, but thankfully I didn’t. I was left with horrible scarring, multiple corrective surgeries, and the psychological trauma of disfigurement. Richard Schwamm handled my case with both gentle hand for me and a firm fist against the other side of our case.  He kept me informed every step of the way. Ultimately, we received a just result and I’m thankful that Haliczer, Pettis & Schwamm was able to help me.”

Milton, FL


Wrongful Death Following Routine Medical Procedure

“I would like to thank Richard Schwamm and his team at HPS for helping me to get justice for the unexpected death of my husband, after a routine medical procedure. This loss was life-altering and left me alone, scared, and looking for answers. HPS got me the best results possible under very difficult circumstances. I am very satisfied with their legal work and advocacy, and thank them for a job, well done.”

Homosassa, FL


Wrongful Death Case

“I tragically lost my husband after months of being inadequately treated by the hospital that we placed our trust in. Eugene Pettis provided my daughters and me with the comfort and compassion that we needed.  He told us, ‘not only am I your attorney, I am your friend.’ To him, it was not just about seeking justice, but also about showing genuine care and extending kindness to those when they need it the most. Thank you to Mr. Pettis and the entire HPS staff.”

Lauderhill, FL


Wrongful Death of a Premature Infant After Slip & Fall

“A friend of ours referred us to Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm after we experienced the heartbreaking loss of our 5 day old infant. Immediately upon meeting Eugene Pettis, he became an extension of our family. We never experienced any legal matters of any kind before this tragedy. Mr. Pettis was so patient and the staff was a dedicated team on a mission. They advocated for us and went above and beyond to make sure that we got what we deserved. We are so grateful for their service and would recommend Mr. Pettis and the firm to anyone facing tragic loss.”



Personal Injury

 “Before coming to Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm I was working with another litigation law firm, and let’s just say I wasn’t happy. Immediately upon meeting Eugene Pettis, I experienced professionalism at the highest level. He made me feel like he and this firm were sincerely concerned about my health, and gave me complete confidence that they would fight for my family and I to receive the best settlement possible.   They communicated with me made sure I was able to fully understand every detail of my case along the way. They were true advocates, which resulted in a settlement more than I had hoped for. If ever needed, I would certainly call upon them again and I would definitely refer this firm to others.”

Pembroke Pines, FL


Catastrophic Injury Following Major Surgery

“I experienced permanent and severe nerve damage after an already life-altering surgery.  The surgeon kept denying that he was at fault and there were literally no attorneys in my area that would take my case.  I found Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm on Google and they were that aggressive team that helped me advocate for myself and search for answers. Eugene Pettis was very compassionate. He even traveled all the way to us and was able to get us a settlement that we were satisfied with. I would recommend their services to anyone who is in need of an attorney to represent them.”

Naples, FL